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“Hey, dude, you need a ride?”

“No..I’m fine..” you reply, trying to make your voice cold so he would leave you alone.

“You don’t look fine-” You could hear him walk closer.

“I’m fine!” you snap, turning around to face him, you immediately feel guilty as his friendly blue eyes look hurt. “I-I’m sorry... I just...It’s been a bad night..”

“..boyfriend cheat on you?”

“How did you-”

“I looked the same way when my girlfriend cheated on me last year.. It really messed with me..” He looks down sadly.

“I’m sorry, Um.. what’s your name?” you ask awkwardly

“Alfred, Alfred F, Jones, ma’am..” He grins

“Well aren’t you a gentleman?”

“Naw, I’m a hero! All heroes have like awesome manners and stuff like that, thats why we are so cool!”

You couldn’t help but crack a smile at his goofy, boyish attitude, instantly you felt that you weren’t alone.

“What’s your name?”


“No last name?”

You smile, “my last name is __________.”

“Okay, ___________ _______________, you should like totally come play some video games and get a burger with me! It’ll cheer you right up! Well at least it helped me...” He shuffles back onto his heels awkwardly.

You sigh, shivering slightly, “Um... I don’t think that would be a good idea...”
“Why not? I’m not like some creepy stalker or anything like that..”

“I just don't think-”

“Come on... Please? I know it’ll help, besides, what have you got to lose?”

“You’re right...“ You shrug and nod, “I don’t really have anything to lose..”

-------short drive to alfred’s house--------------

“Dude you so totally can’t beat me, the hero, at Call of Duty MF3! I demand a re-match! I think you cheated somehow!”

You laugh, deliberately trying to rile him up. “Oh really? I believe I just did... besides I’m pretty sure I can totally kick your butt again!” you laugh, “What would your friends think once they hear you got totally trashed by a girl?”

He laughs and tackles you, pinning you to the couch, “They’ll never know...”

You smirk, and show him his phone, a message addressed to everyone in his contacts with a picture of the scores attached, your score clearly higher than his. “Oh, really? Once I push this button, everyone will know...”

“NOO!!” He tries to grab the phone and when that fails he starts to tickle you. “GIVE IT TO ME, _________! THEY CAN’T FIND OUT!”

“Too late,” You laugh, showing him the sent notification.

He chuckles darkly, “You shouldn’t have done that....”


He tickles and kisses you, “Rematch?”

“Never,” you reply.

“I'm going to have to convince you, aren’t I?”

“Looks like it...”

He looks at you surprised, you giggle, “Bring it on...”
I don't own hetalia, Alfred or you.. Enjoy

Artwork by ~reijr! ^^
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He chuckles darkly, “You shouldn’t have done that....”

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ben drowned, from creepypasta
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oh lol sorry... it's been one of those days :)
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That was cute :)
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That was a cute story!
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